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Iceland Store Ltd. brings the whole world of snus to Bulgaria. We sell high quality brands from Scandenavia and other European countries.
 Our goal is to minimize the risk for the health of nicotine users in Bulgaria by offering them a new modern product WITHOUT tobacco, tar and harmful fumes.

Nicotine pouches keep getting more and more popular in the world as people nowadays are starting to think more and more about health and to be more aware of the damage from all the smoke and burn.
 Nicotine pouches /snus are an alternative to cigarettes, they can also be used for quit smoking or as a smokeless substitute for cigarettes.

Nicotine is an addictive substance and should not be used from people under age of 18. Rest your lungs and try nicotine pouches today! You can shop online or come visit us in our new store in Plovdiv, Kapana district, “Yoakim Gruev” 6.

We also sell ICE snus in non stop shops and stores in Bulgaria. If you are interested in selling ICE snus or any other snus in your store, contact us by email:

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(+359) 883 482045